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Your website will be beautiful and on-brand. Your visitors will always find the information they’re looking for. Your team will have no trouble updating or adding any content. And you’ll have zero stress because Sabra will keep your website updated, backed up, and secure.

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Our Process

Requirements & Content Gathering

We start by asking the right questions to understand the exact scope of your web development needs. This is to plan the most efficient data infrastructure for your website, and to tailor fit your WordPress powered back-end content manager to your team’s workflow. We then help you collect and organize all your content so we can hit the ground running with the design phase.

Creative Meeting

Before putting paint to canvas we take the time to gather your inputs. We’re not going to just throw 20 good designs at you and hope one sticks. Every design concept we deliver originates directly from your inputs mixed with our designers’ creativity.

Web Design

Every web design timeline includes 3 rounds of revision, to ensure the final product meets and exceeds your expectations. By the end of this phase, you will have seen and approved every page on your website.

Web Development

A few weeks into the development phase, you will receive access to the Work In Progress of your website on our Staging server. From this moment on, you will be able to click around and see your website take form as our developers perform their magic and bring the approved designs to life.


Arguably the most exciting moment of any web project is when you realize what a powerful tool it is. This happens when we show you the back-end Content Management System. Our Creative Director will show you how to log in, and will walk you through how to manage every aspect of your website.

Track Progress

Stay informed and engaged throughout every stage of your project. Easily track milestones, view calendars, and stay connected using our online management tools and calls with our Creative Director.

Give Feedback

Feedback is not only welcome, it is an integral part of our process. When it comes to creative work, communication is vital. We use modern feedback tools and regular review calls to work with you to reach your website ambitions.

Features, Hosting & Support

Sabra Built Website Features

Your new website should not only be stunning, it should be functional. We believe in building websites that are beautiful, inside and out. Click here to find out more about the features we include with every web project.


When it comes to hosting, maintenance, and support – we have thought about everything. We keep your website running lightning fast. We keep it secure for your visitors. We back it up every day. Click here to find out more ways we help you steer clear of stressful website related technical issues.

Client Portal

You can reach out to us anytime you have a question about your website. We’re here to help! We’ll even create an archive of customized tutorial videos, available to you anytime in our new, secure Client Portal.


We have seen the frustration and inefficiency nonprofits face by connecting with creatives sporadically on a project by project basis, often reacting to last minute needs.

With Sabra Concierge, you’ll have a budget you can count on and a well thought out, comprehensive 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan that empowers you to plan ahead, think big and do more.


3-6 Months

Depending on the scope of your needs, a website design and development project may fit within any of our Sabra Concierge Plans.

A big piece of the puzzle.

In our experience, website projects are usually a part of a greater presentation update. Find out how the Sabra Concierge can help with big-picture creative planning. Schedule a free consultation with our Creative Director today!

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