Two years ago, Chris and I moved into a new apartment. We brought our beloved shinseiki pear tree, Shin Shin, with us and placed her out on our balcony, high up above the rooftops of the city.

We had never managed to harvest any pears at our old house. Before the pears could ripen the neighborhood squirrels would steal them away.

That first summer on the balcony, we were thrilled to see pears growing amongst her leaves and like expecting parents, we anxiously awaited their arrival.

On the morning of August 20th, Sabra’s 6th Birthday, we came out with our morning coffee and found a beautiful little pear nestled next to Shin Shin’s trunk. She had dropped her first pear on Sabra’s Birthday!

What a wonderful birthday present! All these years waiting, building barricades, and chasing squirrels had finally culminated is the creation on this beautiful pear. It felt auspicious. Chris had bought the tree when Sabra was still just a fledgling company. After 6 years of long hours, late nights, hard work and sacrifice; Sabra had begun to show the fruits of our labour.

We harvested 13 pears that year. They were so juicy (especially when paired with grana). Now, every year on Sabra’s birthday, we celebrate by harvesting Shin Shin’s delectable pears.

Like Sabra, Shin Shin’s harvest has grown each year. We were flabbergasted when we she produced 52 last year. How could such a small tree hold so much? This year though, Shin Shin truly out did herself, creating 110 delicious pears, weighing a total of 13 pounds!


Nature is extraordinary. Watching this tree transition from buds to pears has given me a new found appreciation for the world around me. Magical things happen all around us, every day we just need take the time to notice them.

Soon Shin Shin’s pears will all be gone once again; eaten up by happy crows, shared with family and friends, but it didn’t seem right to let such an achievement go undocumented. Each one was so beautiful and unique. Perfectly imperfect and absolutely delicious.

Sitting out on our balcony, marveling at our tree, Chris and I came up with an idea for a photoshoot. Immortalizing each pear in this year’s harvest. Of course, Chris and I never do anything halfway and soon the project grew into a full on art show complete with coffee book and a video!

We had so much fun creating together and exploring the wabi sabi concept of design. We hope you too will enjoy our celebration of Shin Shin and the transient, imperfect beauty of nature.

Thank you to all our clients. Our company would not be celebrating our 8th birthday, if it hadn’t been for you. Thank you for helping us flourish and giving our team creative work that is meaningful and fulfilling.


All My Best,

Kate Sabbatini

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