Launch Announcements

Equity in IBD 2022

With Foxy Roxy and 90 pounds of program books in tow, we flew to Atlanta, arriving just in time to help setup, for the Equity in IBD 2022 conference hosted by COCCI. Little did we know what a fun and inspiring trip we would have...

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A flexible website for a fast growing nonprofit.

COCCI is the fastest growing nonprofits we have ever worked with. So when they asked us to build their website, flexibility was our top priority.

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It Takes a Village

Take a look at our latest creation for N Street Village, deemed #1 community website design of 2021-2022 by DesignRush.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

For large, member-based organizations like ESCA, keeping members' information up to date can be a headache. With the launch of ESCA's new Sabra-built website, all that extra work is a thing of the past.

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Aid the World, Rock the Vaxx

We are proud to bring our digital expertise to organizations that are making a difference like Rock the Vaxx.

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