We’ve got your back.

SabraCare+ provides you with your very own web team committed to your website’s wellbeing.
We keep your website running lightning fast on our optimized cloud server.
We keep it secure for your visitors. We back it up every day.

There are so many ways we help you steer clear of stressful website related technical issues. Upgrades, updates, renewals, security, migrations, troubleshooting and emergency support.

You name it – we handle it.

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Hosting Benefits

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Our servers are tuned for optimal WordPress performance so you don’t have to set up caching plugins or worry about your site speed.

Dedicated Resources

Your website is hosted on a dedicated VPS, whereas shared hosting is just that: a shared server, tied to a bunch of other sites that could be dealing with malware, performance issues, and more.

Regular Maintenance & Back-ups

You can rest easy knowing your website will be automatically backed-up every day. That means that even in the worst of scenarios, we can restore your website instantly, with one click.

We also perform regular WordPress core and plugin updates and security maintenance procedures on your website and send you email notifications to keep you in the know.

Staging Server

We host a parallel clone of your website on our Staging Server. This allows us to build out and test new functionality without affecting the live website. It also allows you to view and test the new features. The upgrade will be migrated to the live website for everyone to see only when you give us your approval.

Emergency Support

Outages do happen, and in the extremely unlikely event that your website goes down, we’re like the emergency room medics. We get it fixed and back up in no time.

Secure Domain Hosting

We keep track of your domain renewals for you with our secure domain host.

Free SSL Certificate

We include free SSL certificates to secure your domains and instantly enable your website to take donations or any other e-commerce transactions.

Let Us Help

SabraCare+ includes 5 Web Support Hours per year that you use to have us make updates, edits and other changes to your website.

You’re Covered

SabraCare+ is included absolutely free for 12 months after we launch your new website!

For even more peace of mind, 12 month Sabra Concierge Plans include SabraCare+ at no extra charge.

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Why Choose SabraCare+?

Everything Is Taken Care Of For You

Upgrades, updates, renewals, security, migrations, troubleshooting and emergency support.
You name it – we handle it.

We’ve Got Your Back

You’ll have the best support around. We know your website inside and out and use all the best tools to quickly help you with anything related to your website.


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