Site Audit

Our first step will be an extensive audit of your current site. We use advanced software to catalogue every page on your site and generate a real sitemap–clients are often shocked when they see how the content on their website is actually organized after so many years! Then we will sort through which content stays as is, which needs to be updated and which needs to be replaced or removed. This way, we don’t lose any of the great stories and content that you have spent years creating. The deliverable will be a full spreadsheet with recommendations on how to handle all existing content on the site.

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Research & Interviews

Our Director of User Experience and Copy will schedule and conduct interviews, consolidate the results and provide a report. This includes any stakeholders like leadership, staff, volunteers and clients who make use of your website. Our goal is to discover all the major priorities for the new site and all the pitfalls of the current one. 

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New Sitemap

Using the findings from the Research and Audit phases, we will deliver a new sitemap proposal. This deliverable will determine the data infrastructure of the site, and will generate page hierarchy and recommendations as to what capabilities the site needs in order to properly address the research and audit findings.

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Content Strategy

Finally, we will discuss content plans for the sitemap, with a focus on how the pages within the sitemap should address our goals. This will result in Content Documents that act as a roadmap for what each page needs to communicate, and describe any additional functionality required for that page.

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Strategy & User Experience Consultation

We use a call-to-action strategy to reorient your user interface to inspire action. The CMS is intuitively organized to make managing and adding content a fun, easy and reliable experience. You can look forward to greater productivity for your team, more accurate and current content on the site, more sign-ups, engagements, and donations.

In Our Client’s Words

“The project management was top-notch. It was really helpful to only have one point of contact. Sabra implemented tools to make the process seamless. We never had issues with communication — whether it was through digital tools, emails, or scheduling phone calls.”

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