Do you have a Google GA4 migration plan in place?


Universal Analytics is being phased out on July 1st, 2023, meaning no new data will be processed with the old tag after that.

If you’re using Google Analytics, everything will change. If you’re not, this is a great time to start understanding your audience.

The sooner you begin, the more back data you will have before migrating entirely to GA4, and the less chance of data loss.

The importance of migrating to GA4 in the right way


You need someone with specialized GA knowledge to migrate to the new tag so you don’t lose data.

We can install and configure your new Google Analytics tags and walk you through your audience data to help you understand their behavior and reach your goals.

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This is a lot to digest and likely feels like a daunting enterprise.
Our partner agency, Bracketmedia has a dedicated team that can
consultation and assist you with a seamless migration.


What's happening exactly?

In the past, an upgrade to Google Analytics happened in the background. There was no need to make any changes to your website to keep tracking data. But this time is different. This is a big, exciting update. Google Analytics 4 completely replaces the old Universal Analytics. It has to be installed and configured on your site before it can track data.

Can I keep my Universal Analytics instead of switching to Google Analytics 4?


Unfortunately, no. Starting July 1, 2023; Google will no longer support older versions of Google Analytics, which means your analytics tracker will stop working and your website will stop tracking data. If tracking data is important to your organization, then it is imperative to switch to GA4 as soon as possible.

What makes Google Analytics 4 better than Universal Analytics?

The new version of Google Analytics has a very different approach than its ancestors. With the new code, your tracking capabilities and business intelligence options increase exponentially. You’ll have many new metrics to help you understand your site traffic!

With its flexible event-based data model, Google Analytics 4 allows you to see unified user journeys across your website and apps. It uses Google’s machine learning to bridge gaps in your data with modeled insights and predictive capabilities that you can use to get better results and grow your organization. And it’s built to keep up with a changing ecosystem because it does not rely exclusively on cookies, so you can learn about your visitors even with gaps in your data.

What’s the big deal?


You must migrate your site to Google Analytics 4 before July 1, 2023. If not, your analytics tracking will come to a screeching halt and you will lose valuable data.

Do I have to make the switch right away?

While we highly recommend making the switch to GA4 to avoid any interruption to your website data tracking, we can certainly take care of this at any time.

Nothing will happen to the site itself, so you don’t have to worry about that. The process will be the same even if you decide to make the switch after July 2023, but you will have a period of time without any usage data.

The benefit to doing it early is that you will be ready by the deadline of July 1, 2023, won’t have to scramble to do it then, and won’t have any holes in your data.

We can help.

Our partner agency, Bracketmedia, are experts at Google Analytics implementation and strategy. We are offering an upgrade package to make sure you and your website are ready for the switch. We’ll also help you determine and implement some new tracking goals.

Our mission is to get the new Google Analytics set up on your site as soon as possible. It will run parallel to your current Analytics code. This will generate months of data by the time Universal Analytics expires in Summer 2023. The sooner the better.


Service fee
$950 – One time Payment.

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