We’re happy to announce the launch of Insight Policy Research’s newly upgraded Insights page!


Insight Policy Research’s blog had developed into a useful tool for the IPR team, with helpful articles and insights they would often share with their clients, but as the years progressed and their pool of articles increased, it became more and more daunting to navigate.

IPR is a data science firm that specializes in a range of practice areas; education, health, workforce and development, military and veteran support, food and nutrition, and family support. Rather than inundate their clients with articles about every practice area, IPR wanted to be able to send individual clients a link to their insights page with only the articles relevant to them visible.

Our solution was to build IPR a filterable blog with customized categories based on their practice areas to streamline their sharing process. We also upgraded their backend with a super intuitive article page builder that makes every article look beautiful and polished.

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Click on the links below to learn more about IPR and check out their upgraded Insights blog resource page.

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