It is our honor to introduce,
the new N Street Village website.

Recently selected by DesignRush for
best community website design in 2021-2022.

About the Village

N Street Village is the largest provider of homelessness services for women in DC. Their holistic approach goes beyond improving their clients’ lives, they transform them. From housing to job training. Therapy to fitness classes. The women who walk through N Street’s doors not only find sanctuary, they are equipped with the skills to work through trauma and reshape their lives.

So when N Street contacted us to redesign their website, the entire team was thrilled and eager to create a website worthy of such an extraordinary nonprofit organization.

N Street Village had 3 primary goals for redesigning their website.

In no particular order: to ensure it would match their refreshed branding, be more user friendly for visitors, and easier to manage for their team.


Matching the Refreshed Brand

N Street Village had their brand updated and wanted their website to match. They provided us with a brand ID document with a color palette and fonts. Our artists used these guidelines to ensure every design aligned with their refreshed aesthetic.

During the design process we discovered that their primary header font looked a little off. Some letters were squashed together while others were miles apart. As a font, it was unusable by their team unless they placed letters on their design materials one by one (which they painstakingly did!). We rebuilt the entire font from scratch for them. Now, the letters line up perfectly on the website and they are even able to use the font files we generated in communications programs like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and InDesign.

In Our Client’s Words

“I really appreciated how innovative and creative they were. And how much visibility they gave us into the project. I loved being able to go into the InVision tool to see new pages being built or leave comments for changes/feedback.”

– Savannah, Associate Director of Communications,
N Street Village


User-Friendly for Visitors

N Street Village’s previous website had been around for over 11 years. During that time their menu grew very large, making resources difficult to find. A more user-friendly and intuitive experience for their visitors was a must. Our Content Strategist worked one-on-one with N Street Village staff to re-organize their content. He conducted interviews with personnel to hone in on their key services. The result was a much more streamlined sitemap that is much easier to navigate.

In Our Client’s Words

“Sabra is very communicative and responsive to our questions or concerns. They map out the project plan at the very beginning and it’s something we could reference back to easily. This was also an active tool that allowed us to see exactly where we were each step of the way and whether we were on schedule or needed to adjust timelines.”

– Savannah, Associate Director of Communications,
N Street Village


Easy to Manage for Staff

Making easy to use website backends is our specialty. Our websites are gorgeous, but it’s the CRM that all our clients gush over once the project is launched. It is so easy to add content and it always looks on brand, even if different users generate it.

N Street Village put our CRM skills to the ultimate test. None of the people who had worked with us on the project would be around to manage the website once it launched. That meant new team members would have to be trained and given access to the website ASAP. We set up new admin logins, scheduled online training sessions, and had their new people up and running in no time.

In Our Client’s Words

“We love the new site! It is beautiful and so user friendly. It is also incredibly easy to use on the backend and much easier to train members of the team on how to manage their own content.”

– Savannah, Associate Director of Communications,
N Street Village

Don’t take our word for it.

Take a tour of N Street Village’s new website yourself and read Savanna’s full review on Clutch.


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