We’re spotlighting our Heroes Linked community. Meet an Advisor leveraging marketing for a cause.


Chris Sabbatini is not only a Heroes Linked Advisor, he’s also Heroes Linked’s Creative Director, and the CEO of Sabra Creative.

As an Advisor, Chris can provide key insight about launching and growing a business, managing a team, as well as specific insight about branding, marketing and web and graphic design.

While Sabra Creative serves a variety of clients, Chris also recognized the need to help cause-based efforts and nonprofits amplify their message and calls to action and launched their newest service, Sabra Concierge.

Connect with Chris on the Heroes Linked platform. Find him in the Network section, send him a message, or ask for a voice or video call.

We’re lucky to have Chris on our team, grateful for his volunteer time as an Advisor and hope that you will connect with him for insight or any of your business needs.

David Tenenbaum
Director, Heroes Linked

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Heroes Linked is a mentorship program for Veterans created by MVAT Foundation.

Servicepersons transitioning out of active duty military have overwhelmingly said that the biggest challenge lying ahead of them is navigating the civilian job market. HeroesLinked aims to solve that by connecting Advisors, that have unique experience and knowledge of the private sector job market, with Veterans and servicepersons transitioning out of the military.

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