Few cities can hold a candle to Kiev’s 1,400 years of history. It has withstood the test of time, witnessing the rise and fall of a kaleidoscope of governments and nations.

You can see traces of them throughout the city like a many layered cake revealing new centuries of colors and tastes at every bite.

When history permeates a city every street has a story and every building a name. Only then do you begin to feel the gravity of the many lives lived amongst these same streets where now we tread.

Children get their faces painted at a booth set amongst the ruins of a 10th century church. In the park they take pony rides past the Maryinsky Palace just as their Victorian predecessors once did. Where once was a statue of Lenin, the symbol of Ukraine now proudly stands. Yet another reminder that no matter what banner has been lifted above this city, it will forever be Ukrainian.

This is why Kiev was the perfect destination for our first ever Sabra Team Trip. Walking through history we got to learn about each other’s cultures, discover the many ways in which we connect, and forge bonds where our hopes and dreams for the future intersect.

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Our Sabra team is our family and we feel privileged to have found such a wonderful group of individuals, who are not only talented, but also loving, fun and kind. Your dedication to your work speaks for itself and is what has made Sabra the success it is today. Thank you for being you.

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