Tips for Nonprofits

4 Tips for Using Video Effectively in Your Digital Strategy

Nonprofit videos have the power to break your supporters’ hearts, build them back up again, and inspire them to take action. That’s why you may want to explore adding video to your organization’s digital strategy. In this article, Candid explores the best strategies for integrating video naturally into your digital advertising plan. 

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How To Rock Valentine’s Day To Build Donor Loyalty

Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity for donor stewardship! Here are 8 fun valentine ideas you can send out to show your supporters the love.

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How To Design An Engaging Nonprofit Homepage

It takes only 7 seconds for your homepage to have an impact on your visitors. Is your website making a good first impression?

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How Design Can Help Maximize Your Giving Days

Taking the time to plan your giving day campaign can go a long way towards its
overall success.

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How Can Design Improve Donor Retention

Donor retention is about engaging your existing donors effectively so that they turn into loyal donors that give repeatedly. Pivoting to aggressive donor retention involves several elements...a key one being design.

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