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The Battery Materials & Technology Coalition

Do you dream you could get an electric car or install solar panels on your house, but it’s just too expensive? The Battery Materials & Technology Coalition is on a mission to change that.

One of the main reasons why alternative energy solutions are so expensive is that the batteries that power them are produced overseas and imported. BMTC’s coalition of companies are united behind a shared interest in growing a resilient and sustainable, domestic battery supply chain within North America.

BMTC consists of American-based companies that mine, extract, process, manufacture, and recycle battery materials, as well as develop cathode, anode, cell, pack, and battery technologies committed to ensuring that governments and private industry across North America seize the opportunity to secure the supply chains that electrify our economy and make alternative energy more affordable in the US.

Electrifying the BMTC Brand

When we started working with BMTC, all they had was a logo. They wanted us to give their logo a boost, build a brand around that new logo, then develop an easy-to-use website to house all their news and resources.

BMTC liked their original color palette, but wanted their brand to feel more polished and modern. We accentuated their original color palette by adding more vibrant complimentary colors that really pop off the page when paired with BMTC’s navy and royal blue tones.

We turned those complimentary colors into beautiful gradients and used them sparingly throughout their website. The unique dichotomy between the dark background, vibrant gradients, and limited use of color make the highlight colors feel as if they are glowing and was intended to emulate a lightbulb illuminating the dark. Fitting for a coalition trying to make alternative energy solutions more accessible, don’t you think?

Building a Powerful Website

BMTC’s new website doesn’t just look beautiful, it is powerful as well. As a SabraCare+ client, the BMTC website is hosted and maintained by Sabra. We provide BMTC with daily backups, monthly plugin and wordpress updates, a dedicated VPS (server), a free SSL Certificate, and around the clock emergency support. All of these services ensure that BMTC’s new website will always look good, stay secure, and run lightning fast no matter what.

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Stay abreast of the latest developments in alternative energy and learn how BMTC is helping bring the dream of affordable, climate-friendly energy to fruition.

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