We believe in building websites that are beautiful, inside and out.

While every website we launch is unique, there are several features we include with every website in an effort to make it really stand out. Your new website should not only be stunning, it should be functional.

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Handcrafted Beauty

Responsive & Mobile Ready

Every Sabra Built website is responsive, meaning it will automatically adjust itself to look native and beautiful on any screen size, on any device, while still maintaining all functionality.

Tried & Tested

Prior to launch, every website is rigorously tested on multiple devices, browsers and operating systems to ensure a consistent level of quality and user experience.


We give our websites a little more pop with light CSS animations, which allows us to animate certain elements on your website to provide a curated user experience while keeping it light and fast.

Custom Integrations

To improve your workflow, we will work with your current 3rd party tool APIs to integrate them with your new website, wherever possible.

Site Speed Optimization

Sabra Built sites are optimized for maximum loading speed, and our WordPress specialized hosting solution keeps your website running at lighting speed.

Awesome Search Results

Users will use your website’s search bar to easily find any content they want. Search results beautifully display your articles, downloadable documents, pages, donation forms, and more.

Top-Notch Security

Daily backups, regular updates, and free SSL certificates are only a few of the many security features included with our SabraCare+ program, included free for Sabra Concierge clients.

The Power to Make Updates


Sabra gives you the freedom to make updates and changes quickly to your website, by training you to use your customized admin Content Management System.

WordPress to Impress

Our sites are built on the foundation of WordPress, giving them maximum scalability & flexibility for customization while maintaining top notch security.


Sabra sites are built to expand as needed, with no growing pains! We are experts at customizing WordPress and we build sites with scalability in mind. New content, pages and functionality can be added efficiently without having to rebuild your entire website. Sabra gives you the freedom to request updates and changes to your website with confidence, knowing that the same developers who built it in the first place are on the case.

Long-Term Support

When it comes to hosting, maintenance, and support – we have thought about everything. We keep your website running lightning fast. We keep it secure for your visitors. We back it up every day. Click here to find out more ways we help you steer clear of stressful website related technical issues.

Forget how? We’ve got you covered!

You can reach out to us anytime you have a question about your website. We’re here to help! We’ll even create an archive of customized tutorial videos, available to you anytime in our new, secure Client Portal.

Making Your Content Count

When you are informed, you are empowered.

Sabra Built websites come with every tool you need to supercharge your success online.

Your web presence reaches beyond your website.

Sabra Built websites are designed to connect all your social networks. Maximizing your visibility online.

Google Analytics

We connect Google Analytics to your site so you can monitor your website’s visitor data and page views.

SEO Enabled

Search engines will be able to index keywords from all over your website. This will help your SEO immensely.

SEO Powered

We install Yoast SEO on all Sabra sites, a WordPress extension that will help you should you want to implement more complex SEO strategies.

Easy Sharing

Posts and content will be shareable on your social media accounts via integrated sharing buttons.

RSS Feed

Keep your fans and followers up to date on all your news with custom RSS feeds. (Can be connected to automatic newsletters.)

Social Media Branding

To keep your brand consistent, we will design social media profile assets to coordinate your social media accounts with your new website.

Social Media Integration

Display your latest Tweets or your Instagram feed to update your website visitors in real time.


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