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At Sabra, our clients come first. We want you to have a wonderful experience with us from start to finish. The only way to achieve that is through open communication and lots of feedback. Over the years we’ve collected a ton of feedback from our clients. So when it came time to write about our awesome customer service, we figured who better to tell you about their experiences than our clients themselves. Scroll down to read what they had to say.

Sabra really took time to get to know us as an organization and as a brand.”

“Chris and I were in constant contact via email. He’s incredibly accessible and easy to get in touch with.

Chris was excellent at making me feel at ease and comfortable, which made it easier to share what I want from the website.”

“They took time to create folders and an outline online where we could upload each chapter of the annual report and each piece of visual collateral that would go with that chapter to make sure that everything was in the section we envisioned. That made it not only easy for us to organize but it also made it incredibly easy for Chris and his team when it came to actually designing the report. They knew exactly where to pull the information from and what collateral went with which text.

They’re proactive and remind us of deadlines and timelines. They manage the project well and check-in with us regularly.”

They are incredibly passionate and professional in what they do and they’re really driven by the causes and issues in the organizations that they work with.”

“There’s a lot to be said for working with a firm for multiple years. Once we narrowed down the direction, they were able to evolve one lane of creative into a bunch of different outputs.

The websites they’ve created successfully capture the spirit and sustaining force of the nonprofit, so we’re thrilled with what they’ve done for our organization. I’ve gathered that my constituents and community have been pleased with the new websites and their performance as well. Sabra Creative was responsive and receptive when it came to building out new features.”

“Our team and our stakeholders are delighted with every piece of content Sabra creates. It’s always on brand and effective.

“They were always on time when it came to their deliverables. We were able to see that the project was always kept on track and on budget. There was also adequate time for review.”

“I’d highlight their ability to create personal relationships with their clients. We’ve felt like we’ve been taken care of by people we know.

Savannah, N Street Village

I really appreciated how innovative and creative they were. And how much visibility they gave us into the project.

Jen, CGC

Beyond the end product being perfect, the process to get there is seamless and painless.

Jen, CGC

Chris and the team at Sabra are superstars! Our company has worked with them on many branding, design, and web development projects and the Sabra team has never failed to WOW and amaze us and our clients.

Madeleine, Panagora Group

For me, it was all about feeling heard (and not mansplained to). Working with Chris was more like working with a collaborator and creative partner rather than a hired gun who just wants to get the job done.

Leigh, Demiurgic Law Firm

From the very first phone call I knew I was talking to the right company.

Madeleine, Panagora Group

If you value working with people who really care about your mission and goals, listen to your needs, and work collaboratively, then go with Sabra.

Andrea, Bread for the City

If you want to work with a team that proves repeatedly how committed they are to quality work and to their clients as individuals, you needn't look any further than Sabra.

Madeleine, Panagora Group

Maintaining our new site is easy and streamlined.

Erica, District Taco

Not only was Sabra professional, experienced, and easy to work with, but they made us a part of every step of the process.

Rachel, OPRE

Sabra delivers things when they say they will, if not before, and are clearly always looking for new ways to meet their customers' needs.

Lara, Winrock International

Sabra goes above and beyond to deliver the best product by not only meeting client stipulations, but also anticipating needs and concerns.

Rachel, OPRE

Sabra is responsive to questions, clear in their communications, and flexible when timelines adjust.

“The team listened to us which resulted in getting the design and the project right the first time around.

“Overall, it’s been an amazing partnership. We’ve gotten positive feedback from our school partners, the families we work with, and our internal teammates.”

“Sabra implemented tools to make the process seamless. We never had issues with communication — whether it was through digital tools, emails, or scheduling phone calls.”

“Because our old website had massive problems, most agencies priced the project based on the scope. Sabra offered their services based on a six-month timeline. We ultimately went with Sabra Creative because of flexibility on work that wouldn’t increase the project’s cost.

Their strength is in their accessibility and the fact that their team is always on and in contact.”

“They were always meeting deadlines on top of
being consistently communicative and transparent.

They’re great at managing up and ensuring that our team is on task. They also employ some great project management platforms to monitor our progress.”

Chris and his team not only have a great eye for design but they’re really devoted to specifically working with nonprofits and organizations that are on a limited budget and try to do really creative things for causes and issues that they care about.”

Project management was excellent. I really love the system they use and have in place.”

The project management was top-notch. It was really helpful to only have one point of contact.”

“They know our brand and what we’re going for.
Even when I apply a few sentences of input, they’re able to run with it and come up with an amazing design that requires little to no edits.

Madeleine, Panagora Group

Working with Sabra was a seamless process from start to finish.

Savannah, N Street Village

I loved being able to go into the InVision tool to see new pages being built or leave comments for changes/feedback.

Jen, CGC

The Sabra Team works efficiently and effectively at project management, guiding the clients every step of the way and using tools that make collaboration easy.

Dr. Thompson-Ochoa, Gallaudet University

Sabra's team was extremely professional and awesome to work with! I am so glad I found Sabra!

Derek, DC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

Sabra went above and beyond to meet and exceed our expectations. We would definitely use Sabra again and highly recommend them.

Donna, Director of Healthy Markets, Martha's Table

Sabra really took the time to understand our needs before jumping into the project and wound up exceeding all of our expectations.

Erica, IADB

Sabra took a genuine interest to understand the underlying goals and target audience. Each assignment was met with enthusiasm, creativity and efficiency that did not end until the client was 100% satisfied. It was a true pleasure, and I look forward to future collaborations.

Madeleine, Panagora Group

Sabra really listens, making ample time for client feedback, and then offers excellent advice and solutions.

Madeleine, Panagora Group

Sabra put together a truly outstanding product and stayed ahead of schedule the whole time.

Madeleine, Panagora Group

Sabra put together a beautiful, responsive website that our staff and clients love and takes our image to a whole new level.

Jeannie, MENA Well Consulting

Sabra makes me look really good. Seriously, my business cards are gorgeous-I have yet to hand one out and not hear a "wow!" or "awesome!"

Lara, Winrock International

Sabra is super responsive, positive, and fun to work with!

Savannah, N Street Village

Sabra is very communicative and responsive to our questions or concerns. They map out the project plan at the very beginning and it's something we could reference back to easily. This was also an active tool that allowed us to see exactly where we were each step of the way and whether we were on schedule or needed to adjust timelines.

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