Golden Gala: Celebrating 50 Years of Impact

For five decades, Bread for the City has been hosting their annual Good Hope Gala, a cherished tradition that brings together supporters and advocates for a night of celebration and giving. This year, as they mark their 50th Anniversary, the Gala holds even more significance. Determined to make this milestone event extraordinary, the organizers set out to create a brand for this year’s Gala that captures the spirit of generosity and community that defines their mission.

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Crafting a Cultural Tapestry: The Artistry Behind the Golden Gala Brand

BFC’s primary clientele hails from the African American community in Washington, D.C. Keeping this in mind, the organization aimed to draw inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Africa and infuse the Gala with a jubilant celebration atmosphere. Our design team delved into various African cultures, incorporating symbols and colors that deeply resonate within the African cultural tapestry. Among the researched symbols were the Adinkra symbols originating from Ghana, West Africa, created by the Akan people to convey proverbs and philosophical concepts. These symbols were traditionally used in the production of Adinkra cloths, worn during festive occasions. The chosen symbol for this year’s Gala was the Sankofa symbol, depicting a bird with its head turned backwards, clutching a precious egg in its beak. Sankofa, meaning “to retrieve,” embodies the proverb “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.” In African American culture, Sankofa symbolizes the importance of reflecting on the past to pave the way for a brighter future, aligning perfectly with Bread for the City’s mission since its establishment in 1974.

In our exploration of cultural symbolism, we delved into the significance of colors in Kente Cloths, originating in 12th-century Ghana. These intricately woven textiles, reserved for Kings, Queens, and dignitaries during ceremonial occasions, were imbued with vibrant hues to convey profound meanings reflecting Ghanaian history, philosophy, ethics, and values. Blue, symbolizing peace, togetherness, and love, resonated deeply with our theme for this year’s Gala, hence its selection as the primary color. Complementing this, we chose Gold as the accent color, representing prosperity and serenity; aligning with Bread for the City’s mission to foster growth and well-being in the DC community.

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Incorporating floral designs inspired by the Nubian Dynasty from Sudan and Southern Egypt, we pay homage to the rich history of the region. During the 8th Century BC, the Kushite rulers of Nubia ascended as Kings of Egypt, merging the Nubian and Egyptian empires. This fusion of cultures led to the adoption of symbols from Nubian artifacts into Egyptian art, symbolizing the unity between the two empires. The lotus, a prominent motif, symbolized this harmonious blend, while the papyrus symbol, known as “Ha,” represented the essence of vitality and the interconnectedness of life.

BFC’s team also expressed a strong affinity for the Art Nouveau movement, specifically drawn to William Morris‘ detailed patterns and the intricate floral designs seen in Kehinde Wiley‘s portraits, a prominent figure in contemporary African American art, best known for his exquisite portrait of President Barack Obama. To infuse the Gala with these aesthetics, we created a brand that captures the essence of their work, incorporating elaborate floral motifs, elegant Art Nouveau typography, and ornate golden embellishments throughout the event’s design.

After receiving enthusiastic praise from attendees at the Gala, Bread for the City was thrilled with the success of the newly crafted brand. In fact, the overwhelming positive feedback prompted them to decide to reuse the same brand for their forthcoming 50th Anniversary celebrations and fundraising events.

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Cultivating Seamless Experiences: Production of Print & Digital Materials

After finalizing the brand, our team convened with Bread for the City’s staff to review their requirements for pre-event and on-site materials. We analyzed their material demands, priorities and preferences to establish a production timeline. Working closely with our trusted printers, we coordinated the production of all necessary materials to guarantee timely delivery for the event.

At Sabra Creative, we prioritize efficient scheduling to streamline the production process for our clients. Rather than burdening our clients with the task of determining when to send designs to the printer, we take the lead in establishing a production timeline based on their needs and deadlines. By overseeing coordination between our team and the printers, we ensure a seamless workflow that allows our clients to focus on crafting their content and brainstorming creative concepts for their events.

Fundraising events like the Golden Gala play a crucial role in sustaining nonprofits. Recognizing this importance, we are committed to offering comprehensive support to our clients, equipping them with the essential tools to engage sponsors effectively and foster strong relationships. Our services go beyond creating visually appealing designs; we assist in tracking sponsorship deadlines, developing trackable QR codes for measuring advertisement effectiveness, and addressing challenges such as sourcing sponsor logos. In cases where high-resolution versions are unavailable, we create vectorized versions of sponsor logos to ensure they look polished on all print materials. Additionally, we share these enhanced logos with sponsors and store them in our Client’s Portal for easy access during future events, streamlining the process for our clients.

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Celebrating Success: Impact and Transformation at Bread for the City

In just 4 short months, our team played a pivotal role in orchestrating Bread for the City’s most triumphant Gala to date. While our designs garnered widespread acclaim, the true measure of success lay in the Gala’s ability to secure vital funds for BFC’s ongoing impact within the DC community.

Over the course of more than a decade partnering with BFC, we have had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of their extensive social initiatives. From establishing free Food Markets to providing free Dental Care, operating free Medical Clinics, and facilitating Professional Training programs, Bread for the City has significantly improved the lives of countless families, fostering health and happiness within the community.

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