Bread for the City is our oldest Concierge client.

We go way back.

In fact, it was through our relationship with Bread that we were inspired and empowered to create our Concierge service.

After working with us on a project by project basis for a couple of years, we realized we could be doing more. In 2018, Bread became the first nonprofit to pioneer the Concierge concept with us.

Together, we discovered that the benefits of the Concierge multiply over time.

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Improved Scheduling for Next Year

We book recurring projects a year in advance.

Bread hosts an assortment of events that repeat every year. These recurring projects help us to anticipate and improve future project timelines.

Whenever we complete a recurring project, we take a look at how we can improve the process next time around. Then we schedule out the entire project for the following year.

One year, we were busy designing materials for Bread for the City’s Good Hope Gala. Mid-way through the project, Bread realized they needed a Valentine’s Day postcard designed. It was a fast turn around, but we were able to design and print their postcard in time.

The next year we were prepared. Bread wanted to focus on the Gala in January and February again, so we scheduled the Valentine’s Day postcard project to start two months earlier in December. By January, the Valentine’s Day postcard was complete and the Bread team was able to focus solely on their Good Hope Gala materials.


Optimized Timelines

We simplify and standardize our workflow for our clients.

After 3 years, the Bread team has the process down on lock:

  • They know where to go to request new designs.
  • They know where to find all their project files.
  • They know how to use our editing tools to give feedback.

The Sabra team is also more efficient every year.

  • We know Bread’s aesthetic inside and out, which means less rounds of edits.
  • It takes less time to gather project intel, because we have all the specs from last year.
  • We can anticipate printing requirements, timelines, and costs in advance.

Together, Sabra and Bread have become a well oiled machine, based on experience and trust.

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Change Directions on a Dime

We had nearly finished producing all the materials for Bread’s annual gala when the COVID-19 quarantine began. Suddenly, there were more urgent matters to attend to. The Good Hope Gala was postponed and the project was put on hold.

Bread for the City needed to change directions fast and we were ready.

After a meeting with their Director of Communications, we rescheduled all their postponed projects and began working on Bread’s COVID-19 materials the very next day.

No lengthy negotiations, new contracts, or extra fees. We made a game plan together and got to work.


Add New Projects Anytime

As our workload of projects for Bread increased over time, we quickly realized that we needed to offer a simple solution for large organizations that require more bandwidth than the single project Concierge plan allows.

We upgraded Bread to the Concierge Pro, doubling their project capacity. Now we handle two projects at a time for Bread throughout the year.

Bread never has to worry about additional costs or over scheduling.

We keep the Bread team informed,
every step of the way.

Our team schedules and tracks everything for our clients on Teamwork.

Bread team members have access and can track progress of every project in detail on Teamwork.

If content or copy is due in a few weeks, we send Bread’s team a heads up, giving them ample time to prepare their content.

Bread has different departments that do separate projects with us. To keep everyone in the loop, we send everyone monthly email updates.


Never Skip a Beat with Personnel Turnover

Entrusting Sabra with scheduling and project management has long term benefits.

Nonprofits see a lot of turnover in their ranks. We have worked with three Directors of Communications during our partnership with Bread. With an annual gala and multiple fundraisers each year, new team members have very little time to get their bearings before jumping in.

Sabra has helped several new Bread team members get up to speed on all the events, campaigns, and galas that Bread hosts throughout the year. Within a week they are sending requests and inserting content like a pro.

We give them access to all Bread’s design files in our awesome client portal.

Meet with them to answer their questions about past and upcoming projects.

We set up all new team members on Teamwork

Walk them through our design request process

Show them how to give feedback using BugHerd and InVision.

Train them to use their website’s WordPress backend to post and make edits.

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