We are proud to introduce the new and improved Digital Navigator Resource Hub for Digital US.

About Digital US

Increasingly, technology is built into nearly every aspect of our daily lives and how we learn and work; and yet currently less than 10% of adults in need of foundational digital skills development receive training. In addition, studies have shown that persistent gaps in access to technology and opportunities to develop digital skills exacerbate existing disparities, disproportionately impacting Black individuals and people of color. To ensure equitable access to online learning opportunities, Digital US collaborates with its partners to remove barriers to accessing technology and digital skills training by designing new, scalable delivery models including the Digital Navigator Resource Hub.

The Resource Hub

The core mission of Digital US is to make digital information and training accessible to all people, so it was imperative to Digital US that their new resource hub be user-friendly and easy to navigate no matter how large the resource library grows. Our solution was to create a filterable online database with a simple and clean interface that looks great on any device.

A Useful Tool for Everyone

The Digital Navigator Resource Hub is packed full of helpful information and although it was designed to be a teaching aid for Digital Navigators Instructors, we can all benefit from the information it provides. Whether you have a question about the internet, your phone, or your computer; Digital US has you covered. Learn about scams and how to keep your digital devices secure. Get step by step instructions to set up Zoom. Watch tutorials and get the digital skills you need to be competitive in the workforce. Technology is always improving and it can be hard to keep up. Whatever your technological skill level is, the Digital US Resource Hub will keep you abreast in this ever changing digital frontier.

Ready to transition your resource library into the digital age?

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