We are proud to announce the launch of the National Capital Lyme Association’s new Tick Busters webpage.

Tick Busters is an educational series, published by NatCapLyme, that teaches children, their parents, and the community at large about ticks, the diseases they may carry and the benefits of prevention.

The original booklet “Tick Busters Wanted Dead or Alive” was created by a group of concerned and dedicated teachers, parents and advocates who wanted to educate young people about the danger of ticks. This booklet is dedicated to a young man who lost his life due to Lyme disease.

Education is the Best Defense against tick-borne diseases.

After publishing the Tick Busters storybook, NatCapLyme created a fun and informative children’s video which highlights education, awareness and prevention called “Tickula, Wanted Dead or Alive” along with a series of companion outreach materials.

The Tick Busters Bundle, includes a coloring book, an informational brochure, a rack card, a tick identification card/Tick Busters membership card and a fun temporary tattoo. The series inspires children to take preventative action, use repellants, avoid tick habitats and become an advocate to educate others.

The Tick Busters series finds a new home online.

In honor of Lyme Disease Awareness month, NatCapLyme wanted to make all their Tick Busters educational materials available to the public and asked the Sabra Team to help.

Users can now order or download free educational materials, watch their animated short, read the original Tick Busters storybook, and learn more about prevention.

The Sabra Team is honored to have been a part of the Tick Busters project and we hope that the new Tick Busters webpage will increase awareness of Lyme disease and help families avoid the detrimental effects caused by tick-borne diseases.

The National Capital Lyme Association

NatCapLyme is one of our longest running clients. They have worked tirelessly to build awareness and provide support for people affected by Lyme disease throughout the US and we are proud to help in that effort. Click on the buttons below to learn more about NatCapLyme and their Tick Busters series.

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