Launch Announcement: Sick Cells

Building a website worthy of Marqus' legacy and the SCD community.

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A Perfect Pear

Every year on Sabra's birthday, we celebrate by harvesting Shin Shin's delectable pears. Who is Shin Shin? Why, she is our pear tree of course. What? You DON'T name your plants? Weird. This year, Shin Shin truly out did herself, creating 110 delicious pears, totaling 13 pounds!

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Everyone Needs Access to Upskilling

In this episode of Work in Progress: Chike Aguh, Senior Principal of The McChrystal Group, Senior Advisor to Digital US talks about our changing economy and how we can ensure that all jobseekers have the digital skills, and digital resilience to succeed today. 

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How to Close Digital Gap

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a crushing double blow to the labor market and the education system. To rebuild jobs and ensure broader access to opportunities and careers, we need to close the digital skills gaps. Education and publishing leader Wiley has built a new "bridge strategy" to do this.

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Launch Announcement: Aspira Health

Aspira's priority was to build an intuitive user interface for their patients. The result is the most user friendly website in healthcare yet.

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