Paper is the problem.

Paper eats up half the budget for most local newspapers and the cost isn’t going down anytime soon.

Some newspapers have combatted this by reducing page counts, producing publications of smaller dimensions, or limiting circulation. (See this article by the Illinois Press Association)

We believe that, in this time of economic and environmental uncertainty, an opportunity has presented itself for local news.

Cut out the problem.


Go paperless.

The average circulation of US daily newspapers has dropped significantly over the past decade.

Over 11 million people in the US use the internet to find their news. This number is constantly rising.

Sales revenues from online advertising have risen by 11% for news sites in the past 5 years and are responsible for 31% of newspaper revenue in 2017.

Your audience is out there waiting.


You just need a website!

National papers have been quick to monopolize the online market. With greater operating budgets, they have paved the way for new revenue sources and visibility for the press.

Until now, having an online publication has been expensive and laborious. Seen only as an “accessory” to the printed publication, no local news publications could be expected to find room in their budget for a digital version of their news.

But what if their resources were not tied up in paper?

The voices of our local communities are muffled by the hailstorm of national news online.

Without a local news presence online, all the public gets is a polarizing national perspective, limited to a few talking points.

Local voices should be heard regionally, nationally, globally. Everyone deserves to be given an opportunity for discussion and critical thought. When doing an online search, we would like to see polarizing headlines (used as a tool to secure subscriptions) drowned out or at least diluted by local and regional headlines of real human experience.

Local news is a vital thread within the fabric of our communities and we want to help.

With technology today, more is possible! 


What once was a costly and laborious process, is now attainable.

A well designed website will not only help you save. It should help you earn and thrive.


Printing Costs

The cost of printing has gone up an average of 30% for small newspapers this year alone. Eliminate paper from your budget by shifting to an online platform.

Not ready to go completely digital? You can still cut back on costs by limiting your circulation and going digital gradually.

Management Team

Our backends are simple and intuitive. Meaning, you don’t need a webmaster on payroll to update or edit your website.

Let your website do the heavy lifting! Other functionalities we offer will help you automate and streamline your management process.


A custom backend management system is built into all our websites. Enabling you to login, create drafts, edit, and publish articles from anywhere.

Imagine being able to manage your newspaper from anywhere. You wouldn’t even need an office! No office, no office expenses.

Distribution Costs

By going paperless you won’t just save on paper. You can eliminate distribution costs entirely!


Local Ads & Google Ads

Spending on online advertising has been going up. Get a piece of the pie. We’ll help you set up Google Ads on your site and build in Local Ad slots that you can sell.

Don’t have the budget for an ad department? Take orders and manage your ads on your website.

Online Subscriptions & Newsletters

Offer online sign-up and payment to your subscribers. We will also help you set up manual and automatic newsletters, view limits, and other measures to help you secure your subscription base.

Classifieds & Obituaries

Automate requests and payment for classifieds and obituaries through your website.

Merchandising & Donations

Have other things to sell? A little swag perhaps? Ask about our built-in storefront functionality.

You can also take donations from your community to help fund your publication with ease.


Expand Your News Coverage


Never be limited by page count or column sizes again. Or schedules, for that matter.

Got your hands on a hot story that’s about to break? You don’t have to wait for the next edition. Post it today! Right now!

Reach a Broader Audience


Every person with a phone or a computer has the ability to read your paper. You’re already in their pocket, now you just need to publish content for them to read.

Discover New Mediums

Video, Social Media & Podcasting


Branch out, diversify, excite your readers. Going paperless means your team can delve into new mediums.

Try a morning podcast, or post a video along with your article that people can share.

Combat Deforestation


In 2019, Newsprint Consumption accounted for the destruction of 95 million trees. 500,000 trees a week for the Sunday edition.

We can change that. One local publication at a time.

Continue being an invaluable resource to your local community.


Your community needs you. Local papers have been apart of our communities for generations. Telling our stories and recording the history or our day to day lives. They give a hometown perspective on national and international topics.

Reach more people. Be more responsive with commentary and message boards. Start fun #hastags to engage your community on Instagram and Twitter. Offer local weather, school cancellations and other local alerts automatically from your site. Become the virtual town square for your community.

How Can Sabra Help?

Quality, Custom Web Design & Development:
We’ll make you look better than the national news, and we’ll cater your website to the needs of your staff and community.

Creative Design Team:
Publish beautiful and engaging content with the help of our Design and Animation teams.

Technical Team:
Did you just think of a new piece of functionality you’d like to enhance your website with? Simply reach out to us and we’ll help you find and implement the best solution!

Long Term Support:
Hosting and Web Maintenance plans ensure that you never have to worry about your website crashing. Your voice will never be stifled!

Back-Ups and Technical Support so even if something does happen, we can restore your publication quickly and efficiently.

Affordable Payment Plans:
Your website is a lot more attainable than you think. Fractions of your current printing costs.

Ready to go Paperless?

Schedule a call with our Creative Director to learn how Sabra Concierge can help you make the transition.

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