What is an Annual Report?

An annual report is a document that nonprofits compile and release once a year. It’s designed to highlight the organization’s major accomplishments, inspire readers about the organization’s mission, build trust, and thank donors for their support.

Nonprofit annual reports play an important role as we head into the end of the fiscal year or the onset of giving season. Although they are not an IRS requirement, compelling annual reports can sway potential donors and show current donors how their money is helping your organization to make an impact.

Consolidating a year’s worth of your nonprofit’s activities into a digestible, engaging, convincing document is a pretty tall order and can be quite daunting. But the nonprofit annual report presents a wonderful opportunity for your organization. Why?

Why are Annual Reports Important?

Your organization’s annual report is a valuable fundraising tool. Ultimately, it can be used to cultivate new partnerships with major donors and sponsors as well as recognize those who have helped you reach your goals thus far.

A successful, captivating annual report can make the difference between reaching your goals for the upcoming year or falling short. With so much at stake, it’s important to take the creation of the annual report seriously—and seek guidance if you need it.

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