The Client

We got hooked up with Generation Tree, a non-profit organization that has the lofty, but amazing goal of planting 5,000 trees in Los Angeles, and the even greater goal of planting 6 million trees across all major cities in the US.

Generation Tree is aimed at teenagers with the intent of making socially responsible initiatives like tree planting a fun activity that teens will want to participate in.


Our Role

The team at Generation Tree came to us with nothing more than a concept. Even the name was still up in the air. They wanted us to not only create all of their promotional and marketing materials, but the entire brand from scratch.

To do this, we offered them our all inclusive package, which is a complete, ready-to- promote brand identity that the Sabra team creates with information given to us by the client.

In about three months, we took Generation Tree from non-existence to launch-ready. The group went from not even having their name solidified to having a total brand identity, complete with an “owner’s manual” for how to use the brand to maximum effectiveness.

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Our Process

Everything starts with the brand.

Initial Design Phase

As with all our clients, we went through our “discovery phase” where a couple of key members of the Sabra team sat down with Generation Tree reps to truly understand who they wanted to reach and what they wanted to accomplish with this brand.

Follow Up Design Phase

During the second round of design, the Sabra design crew focused on the concepts Generation Tree liked from the initial phase and developed those in the materials while we also continued to gather more client feedback from the non-profit team to further hone the design.

Final Design Phase

Our design crew polished the deliverable pieces, put the finishing touches on the project and created the accompanying brand guide for Generation Tree to ensure brand consistency. Once everything was delivered to the client, we did what we usually do at the end of a project and basked in the warm light of yet another satisfied client.



For their complete and ready-to-launch brand identity, we delivered the following creative pieces to Generation Tree:


Logo Design

Generation Tree’s logo had to convey fun and give an indication of what the organization is about. The Sabra design crew accomplished this with two stylized trees, which have trunks and branches that can also be viewed as people in a celebratory gesture. The trunks and branches also form two “Ys” for “youth.” We chose two different fonts to express the balance of Generation Tree being a fun organization, but addressing the serious matter of needing more trees in urban landscapes.

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Brand Guidelines

This is a piece that we provide to all clients who use Sabra branding services. It’s basically a “user manual” for the brand. It tells them what colors and fonts we used and it gives them files of their logo in a variety of shades so they can pick the right one for whatever purpose they need it for. For example, if they want to run an ad in black and white, they have their logo in black already, optimized for such an ad.

The reason we do this is because even after the organization who hired us takes the reigns of their new brand, we here at Sabra want to make sure that brand stays consistent. The guide tells organizations the best way to use their brand and even what not to do with it.

This way, an organization can take over the design elements of their brand, or even give them to a different creative firm to work with and there will be no disruption to brand continuity.

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Overview Deck

A multi-page document that provides a quick and easy-to- follow outline of the entire initiative, Generation Tree’s overview deck had to convey their goals and how they planned to reach those goals through their Tree Parties.

The deck had to strike a balance between conveying information and inspiration and appealing to school boards, corporations, youth groups and youth themselves. Keeping this vast audience in mind, we designed the deck to be aesthetically pleasing while also being information rich.


Custom Website

With the main goal of getting people to sign up and participate, we designed Generation Tree’s custom website to showcase the engine behind the entire initiative — the youth — and prompt them to get involved.

The driving force behind Generation Tree is its Tree Parties, where groups of teens gather to socialize and receive saplings to plant. The parties offer a fun environment that helps to build friendships and communities. Every aspect of the website was designed and built with the intention of showing the benefits of attending the tree parties and planting the saplings received at the parties.

As with any website we create, Generation Tree’s site features intuitive navigation, bold visuals and information presented in digestible chunks that don’t overwhelm visitors.

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Tree Tags

These tree tags are meant to prompt participants to help spread the word about Generation Tree via social media. At the Tree Parties, baby trees sporting the tree tags are given away to teens. The tags encourage them to snap a photo of themselves planting the tree and to tag Generation Tree on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, thus increasing the reach of the campaign.



Generation Tree just recently launched their campaign, therefore we don’t have any numbers to report, yet. However, what we can tell you is the team at the nonprofit was absolutely thrilled with the work we delivered and we were happy to make a significant contribution to this worthwhile campaign.

The true results of this initiative will not be measured in dollars, revenue, profit or even customer satisfaction. Rather, they will be measured in the environmental impact the campaign has on cities across the country. Although we’re obviously a for-profit company, it is our preference to work on campaigns that make the world a better place, and Generation Tree fits the bill.

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