Adapting in the moment to fill a need

In March 2020, Bread for the City’s team was gearing up for their annual fundraiser, the Good Hope Gala, when the COVID-19 quarantine began. Across the city restaurants shut down, schools closed, and people were advised to stay home or shelter in place. Within days of the citywide shutdown, the Bread for the City team was already shifting gears.

In times of crisis, we all need to come together.

Food delivery across DC

Their food kitchens immediately switched gears and began delivering food. They even added an online sign-up form to make it easier for people to request food deliveries.

Before the pandemic, Bread served food to 5,000 families a month. Now they deliver food to 5,000 families every week.

More space to help more people

With the need for food and aid rising, Bread forged ahead to complete their new building, which will open this month. With a new clinic, food kitchen and larger waiting rooms the new building will increase their ability to serve the residents of Ward 7 and 8.

Of course Bread didn't stop there.

Bread’s free clinics remain open and continue to serve residents in need of medical attention. They offer free workout classes over zoom every morning to help people stay connected and their city orchard and gardens continue to supply their kitchens with fresh produce. When the Black Lives Matter protests flooded the streets of DC, Bread’s staff and advocacy group all joined the fight for equality.

Raising funds for an expanding need

In order to support their new expanding initiatives, Bread organized a #GivingTuesday Campaign, raising $167,895 in May. They also started a COVID-19 response fund and partnered with companies like Dine n’ Dash in order to source more food for their community.

COVID-19 testing

Bread’s most momentous achievement however, has been the free, walkthrough COVID-19 testing clinic. The first of its kind in DC; Bread has moved mountains to plan, organize, and stock their new testing facility. Thanks to their efforts, all DC residents now have equal access to testing and will get the help they need.

Get Involved

Feel inspired by all that Bread has done to help DC? You can get involved too.

Check out Bread’s volunteer opportunities. From gardening to delivery, Bread relies on volunteers like you to help their mission thrive. Tire of social injustice and want to join the fight for equity and human rights? Become a member of the Bread for the City advocacy group.

If you can’t help, give.

It doesn’t have to be money. Give whatever you can. Food. Clothing. Diapers. Toiletries, Sanitizer. In times like these we need to rally around one another and lift each other up. Whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

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