We are thrilled to announce the launch of
Ballerina Magazine!

A practical guide for the modern ballerina.

Ballerina Magazine is a blog for ballet students filled with videos, social media posts, and helpful articles.

B-Mag’s creator Miss. Kathleen, posts nearly every day and and needed a website she could easily update, add video to, and share through social media.

Since its launch, B-Mag has transformed into a vibrant website filled with spinning ballerinas and interactive elements for B-Mag students.

A message from our client.

Before my website was built I didn’t know if I could cut it as a blogger. Would I need to be a webmaster to add content? How much work would posting new content entail?

Thank goodness I had Sabra in my corner. I never thought blogging could be so fun! I’m in blogger heaven! Now posting to my blog it is my favorite thing to do. Sabra really listened to my needs and made it so easy for me to build articles and update my homepage. Their team helped me add on functionality after my website launched and I never have to worry about plugin updates or domain renewals.

My students love posting to the #ballerinamagstudent instagram feed and sending me questions. New newsletter signups are automatically added to my Mail Chimp account and adding video is a breeze. My favorite thing by far though, is the custom page builder Sabra created for me. It is so easy to use! My articles and images look gorgeous without hours of tweaking. Thank you for making me such a beautiful blog Sabra! I love it!

– Miss. Kathleen

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