Your most effective communication tool.

Your website is where people will go to learn about your organization, your work, and your activities. This is why it is important to use it to its fullest advantage.

People won’t know who you are and what you do unless you tell them. Use a blog to share your story, goals, and achievements. When supporters share in your dreams, they invest in your dreams.

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Why Should I Blog?

Blogs add value to your website, attract readers, and broaden your audience. Did you know that well-utilized Blogs also improve your SEO standings?

What Should I Blog About?

There are no rules! Your goal is to create content that will engage and inform your visitors. Keep it simple. Keep it around 500 words.

Increase the reach of your advocacy work by offering educational information.

Create helpful articles (like this one) to educate your client base.

Let supporters know about upcoming events and fundraisers.

Share your achievements and future goals.

Give back by sharing helpful videos or tutorials.

Show your gratitude by sharing volunteer stories or employee profile pieces.

How Often Should I Blog?

You don’t have to blog every day. You don’t need to write novels. Figure out what is relevant to you and how often you are able to share and take it from there. Planning is key.

Tips from Sabra

Share the workload

If you have different departments in your organization, split the responsibilities. Assign each department a blog category where they can share news specific to them. With Sabra’s websites, you can give everyone in your group a user account and control what content they can access and manage.

Use your tools

Use management tools that will help you create drafts and schedule your posts. Sabra’s websites are beautiful, but it is the backend that mesmerizes our clients. Every website that Sabra builds includes an easy to use, backend management system. We customize each one so you can edit, create, draft, and publish content to your website with ease.

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