We are proud to announce the launch of the Martha’s Table Video Library

Going Digital


Before COVID-19, Martha’s Table’s buildings were a flurry of activity. Offering workout and cooking classes, as well as free food markets and child education programs throughout the week.

When DC went into quarantine, Martha’s Table knew that their community would need them more than ever. Their team quickly adapted. They began delivering food and hosting classes on zoom. They even offered workout classes in empty parking lots, carefully taping off 6 ft squares for each participant.

After a couple of months they realized that in person classes were not coming back any time soon and that it was time to up their game, by offering a video library where people could find all their digital classes, in one place.

As a Concierge Client, all Martha’s Table had to do was tell us their idea and we immediately went to work.

That’s the beauty of our Concierge Partnerships. As new needs arise, we can easily upgrade and add new functionality to your website, without wasting time negotiating price and signing new contracts.

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