Martha’s Table

Martha’s Table is a local nonprofit in Washington, D.C. For over 40 years, the organization has supported strong children, strong families, and strong communities by increasing access to quality education, health and wellness, and family resources.

Client Goals

Martha’s Table came to us with a problem: their website design was difficult for users to navigate and for staff to update. This was creating inefficiencies that were affecting the beneficiaries and other site users. After hearing about Sabra from a partner nonprofit that had worked with us in the past, they came to us with a mission: modernize and streamline our website.

Martha’s Table needed a website that helped them both connect with their clients and communicate with their stakeholders; it had to speak to both donors and beneficiaries. In addition, this website would have to elevate their bright, positive brand and mission.

For them, success would also look like tools to make it easy for different team members to efficiently keep content fresh and relevant.

Lastly, Martha’s Table was looking for a dependable partner that could offer insight and strategy for web upgrades in an ongoing relationship.


The strategy for this project would have to begin with collaboration. We knew Martha’s Table was passionate about their website, and would want to stay close to the process. Sabra immediately scheduled team interviews and planning meetings to figure out what would make everyone’s job easier and more successful. We heard both pain points and wish lists from the people who actually have to use the site every day.

Additionally, we knew Martha’s Table needed organization. We would need to set up a system that promoted ongoing and transparent communication to both address and anticipate needs. That would involve pulling in our expert project manager, implementing new review tools and prioritizing careful planning to make sure everyone was heard and goals were being met.


To achieve our strategy, we did early in-the-field research to understand their organization both physically and personally. We toured their facilities and met their team to capture their aesthetic and vibe. This understanding of the brand was key to creating a website that was authentic to Martha’s Table.

We also used this time to form relationships with department leaders that we maintain to this day. This collaboration helped us balance both communications and development priorities and projects; by getting to know the needs of the people in charge of multiple departments, we knew everyone would feel heard.

We then created a unified calendar of projects to keep everyone organized and on task, while introducing standardized project processes to streamline content gathering, feedback, and deliverables.

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Measurable Outcomes / Impact

After creating a platform that properly elevated their brand, communicated to their audiences, and enabled their teams to manage relevant information, Martha’s Table was ready to take things a step further. They wanted now to elevate the design and production of communications materials for programs, events, and fundraising campaigns. All the work Sabra had done to get to know their brand positioned us to easily pivot, as well as already having the team, partners, and processes in place.

Martha’s Table chose to upgrade from a 6 month web contract to an ongoing Concierge service. Over the next year, we addressed new priorities: a Careers page highlighting the best of Martha’s Table to attract new team members, as well as a new Video Portal to adapt to the pandemic by providing a hub for online courses, fitness videos, town hall meetings, and more.

Martha’s Table was pleased to inform us of an increase in productivity, especially in their Communications and Development teams, because of our project management and long-term strategy. This long-term relationship gave them structure and scheduling, so their team always knows what they’re working on.

Client Quote

Their strength is in their accessibility and the fact that their team is always on and in contact. They’re extremely organized and have a great eye for design. Everything they brought to us was unique and had a different look and feel for what we were trying to convey. They’re very good.

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