Who doesn’t like free advertising?

Maintaining active and interesting social media accounts can open the doors to new audiences and free publicity opportunities.

Think about it.

Actors use Twitter to promote their new movies. Advocacy groups organize rallies on Facebook. Heck, people do their clothes shopping on Instagram now!

Every follower is a potential donor or buyer, every “like” is a new potential volunteer or client, and every engagement is a free ad.

Find New Ways to Interact

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Snapchat offer creative solutions to engage your audience.

Video Posts

Instagram Challenges

Customized Snapchat Event Filters

Instagram Collection of your Portfolio Work

Create Buzz

Social Media Marketing is all about creating buzz.

A popular post can be more effective than any paid ad. A single post can draw large groups of followers and motivate viral sharing.
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Turn “likes” into traffic.

Use hyperlinking and hashtags to move traffic to your social media pages and website.


A Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the pound sign that’s used to categorize, group, and identify messages or images with a specific topic. Use hashtags that relate to you and connect with people who share in your interests.


You want your social media accounts to draw traffic to your website and vice versa. Every social media post should have a breadcrumb leading back to your website. Use Hyperlinks to make it easy for people to learn more about you or find your products.

Maximize Your Reach

Did you know? The more strings drawing people to your website the better!

External links that point back to your website help you maximize your standing with Search Engines (SEO). Links from your social media accounts to your website are a great way to improve your search ratings.

Embed social media feeds on your website to show off your Instagram or Twitter posts and keep the site fresh quickly and easily.

Add social share buttons to articles on your website.

Link images on your Instagram feed to your website and increase donations and paying clients.

Add links to your website in all your social media posts.

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No Time? No Problem.

Managing a Social Media account can be time-consuming. We get it.

Here at Sabra, we want to help you set up cohesive, branded social media accounts to engage your audience.

Want Sabra to build & manage a social media strategy for you? With Sabra Concierge, we can handle that and much more.

We’ll also set you up with CoSchedule – a social media management platform that makes scheduling and posting content a breeze.

You need to get social. We can help.

Why don’t you start by filling out our Creative Questionnaire and booking a call? Baby steps.

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