Employee-owned S Corporations of America

ESCA, the Employee-owned S Corporations of America, is the voice in Washington, DC that speaks exclusively for employee-owned S Corporations (“S ESOPs”); companies that are owned partially or wholly by their employees and provide unmatched retirement savings through the opportunity to invest in their employer’s stock, all at no cost to the worker.

With more than 170 companies representing over 205,000 employee-owners across the United States; adding, tracking and updating members’ data is a vital aspect that enables ESCA to serve their members.


Time Consuming Tasks

Before their new website was built, ESCA had to manually add and update members’ information, which then had to be synchronized and kept current in several locations of the website. This inevitably resulted in long data inputs sessions and, on occasion, inaccurate data. ESCA’s employees spent a lot of time double and triple checking information by hand. This process became so time consuming that they hired us to build ESCA a new website that would specifically address this issue.

From the very start, Sabra’s mission was clear: helping ESCA’s team work smarter not harder. Every decision we made needed to save them valuable time so they could focus on making an impact.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Our solution was to merge ESCA’s member data, by building a custom database in the backend of their new website that would automatically propagate and update membership data across their entire website.

Now ESCA’s team can easily add new members and look up current members to make updates from an archive in their website’s admin backend. They now have more time to better serve their members and their interests here in DC, and can be more confident in the accuracy of the information displayed on the ESCA website.

The Results

In just a couple of clicks ESCA’s team can now update headquarter locations, add new branch locations, as well as upload company logos and links with the assurance that any new information will automatically update on every page of their site.

We even took it a step further by developing an automatic PDF generator that automatically inputs all current membership information for a particular U.S. State into a pre-designed layout that website visitors can download directly from the website.

Take a Tour

Come take tour of ESCA’s new website and learn more about its members and the benefits of becoming an Employee-owned S Corporation. Want to see the membership list in action? Go to ESCA’s State Presence Portal and use the interactive map to learn about their members by state, or see a complete list on their Members page.

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