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School Readiness Consulting’s vision is to activate all children’s potential to create a just society. By integrating strategic thinking, best practice, and evaluation, SRC collaborates with their partners to transform early learning and affirm the right of all children to thrive.

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Client Goals

Last year, SRC partnered with communities across the nation to evaluate early childhood initiatives and tackle inequities within our educational system. They interviewed community members who shared their experiences and perspectives with them. Based on their research, SRC developed a 200 page report addressing the long term effects of racial inequities during early childhood. This report outlines best practices that help foster more equitable learning environments.

SRC’s problem was accessibility. In the past SRC’s research papers and reports were always printed or offered as a PDF that you had to download to read.

Problem is, nobody wants to print a 200 page document at home. SRC certainly didn’t want to take on the astronomical cost of printing and shipping such a large report en masse.

Before Sabra had even joined the project, SRC’s team spent a year traveling the US, filming interviews that are the cornerstone of the report. Obviously those videos had to be included, and you can’t share videos in a printed document.


Our solution was to develop a fully interactive playbook framed by a stand alone website complete with videos, a resource library, and social media toolkit. Anyone can access the report, from anywhere. No downloading or printing required.

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To achieve our strategy, we broke out a timeline to focus on one element at a time.

We began by collecting stylistic inputs from SRC. We used those inputs to design the cover of the report and develop brand guidelines for the whole project.

After SRC delivered the finalized copy, our artists set to work designing the report. This was no small feat. Research papers of this magnitude can house thousands of citations and resource links. Our team poured through hundreds of pages of information in each stage of the design process to make sure every citation, video, and image was correct.

Once the report was ready, we split the team. One designer worked on creating the Spanish version of the report. The rest of the team focused on designing and developing the website that would house the report, resources, and other interactive elements.

Measurable Outcomes / Impact

The result is School Readiness Consulting’s interactive playbook; “Side by Side: Centering and Promoting Equity in Early Education”.

“Side by Side” offers concrete guidance for meaningful change in the educational field at the national, state, and local levels. It outlines how we can foster more equitable practices within our school systems and early childhood development programs.

This playbook not only elevates and centers family and community perspectives in systems-change, but also unapologetically issues a call to action for the change that needs to happen.

Since their launch last month, SRC has already received a lot of attention and accolades for the playbook and the website. Our hope is that this report will inspire educators across the nation to develop more inclusive early childhood education programs and become the catalyst for a more equitable school environment in which all students can thrive no matter their economic standing, language, or color of their skin.

Client Quote

This is awesome! Thank you so much for all of your patience throughout this project, especially with all the twists and turns in the past couple weeks as we nailed down final edits.

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Side by Side

Centering and Promoting Equity in Early Education

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